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Muriwai Lodge and its campground has been part of any Muriwai Beach experience since 1921 when the Lodge building was built.  The Lodge opened in 1922 and over the last century it has been much loved by the residents of Muriwai and its millions of visitors – as a place to stay, a place to eat & drink and buy provisions.  The ‘Top Shop’ takeaways were legendary!

In 2019 all activity on the site ceased and it did not start coming back to life until May 2021 when the Lodge and its grounds were sold to new owners.  The Muriwai Lodge Revival began…

While there is still a bit to do to bring her back to life completely the Lodge is now buzzing with new life.  We’re delighted to present the first four of our freshly renovated and decorated short-term accommodation options to you.   

Check out the apartments in the Lodge building and the first two (of the six) cabins in the grounds.

  • Lodge 1

  • Lodge 2

  • Cabin 1 and

  • Cabin 2

Choose which accommodation option works for you, your family & friends and let us host you for anything from 2 days to a month. 

Enjoy the richness and excitement of Muriwai Beach and its environment.  Explore the many and varied activities and experiences this special place can offer you…or just kick back and enjoy the beach, the bush and the birds that swoop and soar across our valley.

And…especially established for the summer of ’21 enjoy the delights of the Muriwai Deli (located on the ground floor of the Lodge building) and indulge yourself from our visiting Food Trucks on our Food Truck Fridays.

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