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Cyclone Gabrielle, March 2023

And then we had to wait - we've done a lot of waiting and wondering. Everyone did their best to keep us informed but their best was woeful. They simply don't know when we would be told what the future use of our properties would be and they couldn't tell us what the timeline for telling us was, or how they were going to decide - what criteria they would be using. We asked we begged and we shouted (some of those early community meetings were pretty fraught) but to no avail.They didn't know and they couldn't tell us - we spent a lot of time wrangling with insurers, with banks, with council and it was very stressful and disheartening. There were days when curling up like George seemed like an answer - but there was so much to do - bookings to cancel, explaining again and again to everyone you came into contact with what was happening (or not happening) and the months went by.



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